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Just Another Patient


Just Another Patient
By A. G. Moore 9/13/2013

Learning and Studying: Picture of GW Cable at Work
The Cable Story Book: Selections for School Reading 1899
From Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

As I prepare for my next blog, which will be, I hope on IVIG treatment for lupus, it occurs to me that those who visit this site may like to know how I come up with information. First, let me assure you that every time I write, I learn. Often I start with an idea or premise. Then I read research articles. These articles may lead me into a different direction from the one I envisioned. Sometimes I realize I’m in over my head and I re-adjust expectations. This is a slow process; often the deliberate pace of study contributes to a gap of weeks between blogs.

Of course, a gap of weeks may also mean I haven’t been operating at 100% capacity and so have laid back a bit; or the gap could mean family obligations diverted my attention. A delay in posting a blog may be the result of a combination of factors.

Right now I’m eager to learn more about IVIG treatment. I know this is standard therapy for some conditions and that in some resistant cases of lupus IVIG has been found to be effective. What I’d like to find out is, what are the side effects? Why is this therapy not used more often to address symptoms of lupus? How long do the effects of a treatment last? And, most basically, what exactly is IVIG?

As I read about this therapy I’m sure more questions will arise. Not all of these will have answers that I understand and in the space of a blog I’ll have to trim back what I write to manageable essay size. But, when I’m done and the blog is up, I hope that readers, and I, will have one more bit of information that may be useful to us or someone we know.


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