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This site grew out of a book, A Lupus Handbook: These Are the Faces of Lupus.  That book, which is now available as a free download, grew out of experience and a desire to share.  There is never the suggestion in any of these blogs that information offered  can replace the care of a qualified medical professional.  However,  there is a consistent theme in the blogs:  inform yourself.  Be prepared to understand your illness, to understand your treatment plan and your medication.  Be prepared to form a partnership with your care provider.  In the end, the person who will be most affected by any treatment decision will be you, the patient.

A list of articles on this site may be found at the following page:

A.G. Moore and Articles

Other Websites Maintained by A. G. Moore:

Additionally, I have volunteered to write books for a start-up company,  Check these out.  There are books to educate children (biographies, one history, a science book and writing manuals) and books to enrich the lives of adults (Reflecting and Ten Easy Steps to Writing Your Memoir).





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