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For several years I’ve been blogging about one thing or another.  It all started with a book, A Lupus Handbook: These Are the Faces of Lupus.  That book grew out of my experience as a patient

There are a lot of blogs that share what it feels like to live with lupus. This site isn’t intended to be like that. Its goal is to encourage people to ask questions.

All patients who are not doctors are dependent on medical professionals to guide their care.  That doesn’t mean patients should abdicate responsibility for care; it means they should become partners with their healthcare team. As my article on patient compliance explains patient/doctor collaboration increases the chance of treatment success.  This bit of insight is derived from an article in the Journal of Rheumatology.

I’m not an expert; I’m a patient. I ask questions and read. On this site I merely share what I have read. Nothing I write suggests a course of treatment; a licensed medical professional is needed for that.

Look around the site and see if any of the articles are helpful.  There’s never advertising; there is no commercial aspect to this site.  My book on lupus is available as a free download (Apple, Sony, Kindle, B&N–and other e-book vendors).

Whatever your reason for visiting, I wish you an interesting visit.  Happy reading.


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