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A. G. Moore

I’ve had lupus for more than twenty years and have been fortunate to receive excellent medical care. I would like everyone who has this, or any disease, to have the same opportunity.  In that spirit, I write. This blog is an invitation to  participate in a community of people who share your interests.  The posts listed below are starting points.  They are intended to help you raise questions so that you might have more have enlightened conversations with your licensed medical professional.  Some of the blogs are just personal and reflect how I deal with random issues as they arise.

Please consult a doctor about any medical issue you may have.

A New Adventure

Epratuzumab: Targeting B-Cells To Treat SLE

Rituximab Update

What Is Lupus,
Lupus, Fatigue, Muscle Weakness
The Fall Equinox and UV
Lupus and Travel
Where Does It Hurt? Peripheral Neuropathy and SLE,
Lupus and Clinical Trials
Neutrophil Extracellular Trap,
Lupus and Vaccines,  
Zebras, Not Horses,  
A Gene for Autoimmunity?,
NSAIDs: A Cautionary Tale,
Lupus and Sulfasalazine,
Lupus Pancreatitis,
Lupus: Signs and Tells,
Sulfonamides and Lupus (Sulfa Drugs),
Lupus and the Gut,
Mineral Oil and Lupus,
Treatable, If Identified,
To Treat or Not to Treat,
The Skin and Lupus,
Tacrolimus for the Skin?,
Sticky Blood– Hughesn, APS,
Steroid and Weight Gain,
Rare, But Serious In SLE: Guillain-Barré Syndrome,
Prednisone Withdrawal,
Staph and Lupus,
Lupus and Cancer Risk
Prednisone Equivalents,
Prednisone Drug Interaction,
Prednisone and HPA Suppression,
Plasmapheresis for Lupus,
Plaquenil and Quinoric,
Periodontitis and Lupus,
Osteoporosis and Steroids,
NSAID/Cipro Interaction,
Multiple Autoimmunity,
Acetylation Medication Alert, 
Lupus and MAS: More Common in SLE,
Lupus: Assessing Disease Activity,
Lupus Patient Compliance,
Lupus Panniculitis,
Lupus Pancreatitis,
Lupus Nephritis Update,
Lupus Causes,
Lupus and Vitamin D,
Lupus and the Gut,
Lupus and Sulfasalazine,
Lupus and Stress,
Lupus and Prednisone,
Lupus and Pesticides,
Lupus and the  LUMINA Study,
Lupus and Hair Loss,
Lupus and Gender,  
Lupus and Emotions,
Lupus and Drug Allergy,
Living in a Lupus Bubble,
Some Links That Have Helped Me,
Just Another Patient,
Belimumab: Is It Effective?,
Lupus and Infection
Illness and Choice,
IL-6, Lupus and Tocilizumab,
Struggling with Illness During Hurricane Sandy,
Lupus, HPV and HPV Vaccine,
Hospital Rankings,
Lupus; Flu Jab; Flu Shot,
SLE and Family Links,
Lupus and Epstein-Barr,
Does IVIG Offer Promise for Lupus and other Autoimmune Diseases?,
Lupus and Autism,
Lupus: Communication Matters,
CNS Lupus and Emotions,
Brain Fog and Lupus,
Autoimmune Encephalitis,
ANAs in the Lupus Puzzle,
A Word About AG Moore,
A Good Night’s Sleep,
A Gene For Autimmunity?,
A Lupus Breakthrough,
Tacrolimus and Lupus Gene,
Barbara Enright

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